2019 Charter School Application Cycle - Accelerator Support Calendar

We encourage you to take full advantage of these support options for review of your application materials. All materials should be emailed by the deadlines listed below to info@msedaccelerator.org or to your existing contact at the Accelerator.

Three Support Types:

  1. Content Sections Review: Throughout February and March, the Accelerator offers opportunities to submit complete sections of your application for review.

    • If you miss the content section deadlines, your next opportunity for review of those sections will be if/when you submit a complete application for review by the April 12 deadline described below.

    • If you prepare content sections for review in advance of the Accelerator’s deadlines, you are encouraged to submit them as soon as you are ready, and the Accelerator will make every effort, but cannot guarantee, to provide written feedback within 10 days. You then remain eligible to resubmit the same content by the published deadline for an additional review.

  2. Complete Application Review: The deadline to submit a full application for review by the Accelerator is April 12.

  3. Feedback in Final Two Weeks: Described at bottom.

Please see below for detailed timelines:

1. Content Sections Review Timeline

  • February 15: Deadline to Submit LOI for Review (Feedback by February 25)

  • February 26: Deadline to Submit School Overview (Feedback by March 4)

  • March 5: Deadline to Submit Enrollment Summary (Feedback by March 11)

  • March 18: Deadline to Submit Section 1: Educational Program Design & Capacity (and any relevant Attachments requested by MCSAB) (Feedback by March 25)

  • March 28: Deadline to Submit Section 2: Operations Plan & Capacity (and any relevant Attachments requested by MCSAB) (Feedback by April 5)

  • April 10: Deadline to Submit Section 3: Financial Plan & Capacity (and any relevant Attachments requested by MCSAB) (Feedback by April 12)

2. Complete Application Review Timeline

  • April 12: Reminder - Deadline to Submit Complete Draft Application for Review (Feedback by April 26).

    • Your application must be a complete draft by April 12 to be eligible for this review. If you submit a draft application that is missing any sections, contents of sections, or attachments required by the authorizer board, the Accelerator will be unable to provide feedback. You would still be welcome to participate in Office Hours April 29-May 3 and May 6-8 as described below.

3. Feedback in Final Two Weeks Timeline

  • April 29-May 3; May 6-8: On-Demand Feedback Available via Office Hours Only (No Specific Application Submissions/Materials Reviews - Materials will not be accepted for review in this window)

  • May 9-10: No additional support provided in final 48 hours prior to applications due